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Queer Mindfulness Support Group: Let’s use mindfulness to survive the holiday season! 


What: I am offering an ONLINE Queer Mindfulness SUPPORT Group. 

Where: On Zoom

When: On THURSDAY evenings in December (The time has changed several times, but this is the final time.)

Why: The holidays can be a tough time for queer people. I believe group therapy works, and we can get through this stressful time more easily if we co-regulate together.  


My intention is to create a space where group members can make time for emotional processing, self-regulate while learning some new mindfulness skills, and also co-regulate and support one another through a historically challenging season. The group will focus on using mindfulness strategies to cope with holiday stress, and will also include time for deepening connection.


If you, or a client or colleague, are interested, please reach out.

My phone number is 571-420-2864 and my email is 


Cost is FREE. Option to donate at end of each meeting, but no pressure to donate.


No intake session required, however please note that this group is for individuals 18+ and if several under 18 folks are interested, we will hold an alternate teen group as well. Please sign up if interested and more will be revealed by email!

Here is the URL to sign up for the group in advance (please do):

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